Healthcare AI Kiosk

Our objective is to create a touchless diagnostic healthcare kiosk which provides a holistic and complete diagnosis and treatment of a person using artificial intelligence. Our Job is to provide multiple solutions as triage, remote diagnosis solutions, healthcare insurance automation, and the second opinion using these multiple kiosks based across the world. The scalability of this kiosk as an automated diagnostic center because of Artificial Intelligence is the Unique Selling Point.

We start with basic human body parameters and measurements starting from the weight, height, BMI, Blood Pressure, Pulse, the temperature of a human being along with carrying out a diagnostic triage for checking the requirement of carrying out an x-ray.

In some cases, like visa automation in the Middle-East, an X-Ray is a mandatory tool and hence in those cases, X-Ray will be provided as a mandatory solution. But in normal cases, only when the AI diagnostic algorithm realizes an X-Ray is necessary for the diagnosis will that be provided as an option.

We have also developed an additional module for current Novel Coronavirus which includes IR scans along with chest x-ray analysis using convolutional neural networks along with Serology-based synthetic biology applications which creates custom enzymes for doing a colour test for coronavirus within 10 minutes. This synthetic biology test is being carried out with our partner firms across the world.

The objective of the kiosk is to provide complete diagnostic solutions for the person during the walk-in stage. The strategy would be to provide a proactive medical treatment rather than reactive medical treatment.

We have also incorporated an FDA approved technology for a needleless blood extraction from an arm. This will be provided using a robotic arm which interacts with needleless blood extraction item with the upper arm of the patient when they are sitting in the kiosk. The complete summary is generated and provided to the user in the user app which the user can download automatically while they are situated inside the kiosk by using the Wi-Fi Hotspot which the kiosk has generated. In other cases, the summary report which includes blood work analysis will be emailed to the person and also updated in the app within 24 hours.

The various functionalities generated for this test would be created using multiple sensors such as Infrared cameras, hyperspectral cameras, piezoelectric sensors, electrical conductivity sensors and various other cutting-edge monitoring sensors along with dozens of Artificial intelligence algorithms whose job is to provide a diagnosis by measuring the signals generated by the remote sensors.

The COVID-19 automated detection kiosk has 3 primary mechanisms for the detection of diseases with a unique advantage of being the only non-transmitting framework for COVID-19 testing as all other frameworks have human interaction or a hospital visit which leads to contamination. The COVID-19 virus only survives for 4-72 hours in open-free surfaces and can be completely eradicated with ultra-violet light exposure on the impacted or contacted surfaces which is a common protocol in this kiosk post every patient use.

Short-wavelength UV (UVC) “germicidal UV“ has wavelengths between about 200 nm and 300 nm are strongly absorbed by nucleic acids and hence we use UVC LED Diodes based irradiation protocol to disinfect the contact surfaces post use.

The three solutions are

  • Thermal Cameras
  • X-ray and AI for diagnosis
  • Strip test using blood for an antigen, antibody test.