Quantum Technologies

We at Archeron believe that Quantum solutions are the inevitable next-generation solutions be it in the field of computing or communication or cryptography. We are focused on developing solutions in the field of Quantum Computing and Machine Learning, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Communication using QKD and Entanglement along with esoteric solutions like Quantum Radar to name a few. Our team consists of Ph.D.’s in the field of Quantum Mechanics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore along with an interdisciplinary team of researchers with Ph.D.’s in a diverse range of subjects like Genetics, Aerospace to name a few.

Quantum communication satellite with entanglement is one of our ongoing R&D projects where we use multiple divergent methodologies for entangling photons and those entangled photons/electromagnetic waves or particles are transported to another location via a satellite and if any eavesdropping happens it immediately changes the quantum state of the particle and hence the interception is revealed. It is our contention that such systems will become operational within the next 5-10 years.

Quantum Communication using Entanglement and Teleportation is an ongoing Research project where information is transported between 2 entangled particles at large distances by changing the state of one particle and measuring the response in the other entangled particle at distance.

Quantum Blockchain: We built one of the world’s first Quantum blockchain by implementing a Quantum One time pad-based unbreakable encryption to secure nodes high up on the Merkel tree so that 52 % of total nodes were follow through/daughter of those nodes, this way its impervious to a 51 % attack by even a quantum computer.

Quantum Key distribution as a modality of secure communication over a 15-nanometer fiber optic to create a completely secure wide area network.

Quantum Radar: Our Research direction in the Quantum Radar project is the entanglement of photon with microwave and radar frequency range electromagnetic radiation.

Quantum one time pad based3 factor authentication on Debit/Credit cards: Here we use OTP stored in the server and the cards to create a secure data transmission encryption framework that cannot be broken by the man in the middle attack.

Other than the solutions listed above, we also have the following solutions:

  • Quantum OTP(One Time Pad) digitization and application.
  • 3-factor authentication for apps and digital transactions using Quantum secure solutions.
  • Quantum random number generator using a cell phone is also another ongoing R&D project.
  • A satellite with quantum IMU is another ongoing R&D project.
  • Quantum random numbers at cloud/FTP
  • Quantum secure cloud solutions
  • 6U Cubesat for laser-based Quantum Key Distribution: We have developed a unique framework distinct from BB84 protocol for transferring quantum secure encryption keys. This uses laser-based quantum key distribution framework integrated with our quantum cryptography framework making it physically impossible to eavesdrop without changing the quantum state of the transmitted particle due to a No-Cloning theorem feature of quantum bits.
  • Quantum computing: Applications using the Dwave system which we have been using for the past 4 years as one of the early users and adopters of quantum computers.
    1. Protein folding
    2. Optimization
      1. Antenna placement, For example, 5g network analysis
      2. Satellite placement
    3. Graph partitioning
    4. Scheduling
    5. Traffic optimization
    6. Combinatorial Optimization
      1. Circuit fault diagnostics