We at Archeron Group and at Archeron Health Innovation ADGM UAE have been developing AI-based solutions in the healthcare space for over the past 3 years. Listed below are some of our AI solutions:

AI based National Pathology Platform where we use Artificial Intelligence for diagnosing various pathological slides such as blood slides for malaria and blood count and histopathology slides typically for cancer detection.

The AI identifies visually different types of cells and does a count just like a pathologist and extrapolates the number using the set frameworks for deriving the final numbers.

AI-driven National Radiology Platform in which we diagnose Mammography, Lung Nodule, Skin Cancer, Brain Tumour, Knee damage, Hemorrhage, deep lesion, chest X-ray, bone age, colon cancer, and many other diseases by diagnosing Xrays, MRI’s and CT/PET Scans.

Skin Cancer Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for visual inspection, analysis and classification.

Brain Tumor and damage detection by using CNN on MRI data.

Damage assessment at knee using CNN on MRI data.

We use multiple AI classifiers for diagnosis over 15 diseases by analyzing the chest X-ray of a person.

Emotion Quantification: We analyse the emotion of a person and a group by analysing their pulse, facial expressions and voice stress analysis using AI.

Sign Language Interpretation and communication using neural networks on video feeds for helping people of determination interact at ease with the medical and government ecosystem.