Founders Profile

Shri Aviruk Chakraborty has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and pursued Master’s in Computational Engineering from Ruhr University, Dusseldorf in Germany.

Mr. Chakraborty has developed over 40 Indigenous AI Technology Solutions which are unique not only in India but also worldwide. He has over 19 years of experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence and is acknowledged as a global thought leader in this space and provides advisory to multiple governments across the globe.

Mr. Chakraborty is also the author of over 20 Patents and numerous innovations in wide range of subjects and has around 14 Research & Policy Publications published (currently under patent application). He collaborates in the field of AI with leading organizations like NASA and D-Wave. Acheron Group established by Mr. Chakraborty is an innovation firm with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing with offices in New York, San Francisco, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bangalore creates solutions for the following industries.

1. HealthCare: We have developed multiple AI-based platforms for healthcare in the field of Radiology, Pathology, and Genomics. Our autonomous kiosks and software platforms are being deployed in multiple countries in 2020-21.

2. Energy: We provide energy and crude oil solutions to energy producers using remote sensing and IoT-AI algorithms.

3. AI Bank: AI Agri Bank and AI International Trade Bank is being established in India, USA, and UAE as the World’s First completely autonomous AI-driven bank without any human intervention.

4. Defense: We provide Artificial Intelligence-based defense solutions to the military and intelligence ecosystem in India and also provide various solutions to multiple organizations in the field of maritime technology and surveillance systems in the GCC region.

5.  Agriculture: We provide agriculture loans, agriculture insurance, and farm monetary systems using Artificial Intelligence on multi-satellite data. In this field, we collaborate with multiple space agencies like NASA, the European Space Agency

6.  Quantum communication – Cryptography and computation along with AI-based Satellite development

7. NBFC: An AI-based online platform for short term loans in India, UAE, and the USA.

8.  Custom software development: We provide custom software

9.  Real Estate Exchange (REX): REX is being established as the World’s First digital commodity exchange where land as a commodity is digitized and sold on the international exchange

The current professorship for Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is called the “Chakraborty Professorship for Artificial Intelligence”. This is the first time a chair/professorship at MIT is named after an Indian.

Mr. Chakraborty is establishing a QAI Research Center & Lab in collaboration with DWave and QAI Lab at NASA AMES in Mountain View.

He has also acted as a Royal Advisor to His Highness of Oman from the Al Said Family on various mega projects for implementation in Oman to weane Oman off Hydrocarbon Dependency.

Mr. Chakraborty is an advisor to the Executive Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Mr. Chakraborty also advises the National Security Council of India on various matters of strategic national interest.

Previously, he advised the “Economic Development Board” of Andhra Pradesh in all matters of investments including Foreign Direct Investment for the UAE Region along with advising the Govt in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Geo-Political Synergies.

He also presided over various panels during World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos on topics of R&D Policy and FDI and has been a speaker in multiple Forums like Global Business Summit on the topics like AI and Technology.

Mr. Chakraborty is also an advisor to the UAE’s Ministry for Artificial Intelligence, MOHAP, and to various organizations of the Government of India.

In his capacity as an advisor to both the nations, he helped create the World’s first AI bridge between two nations (India & UAE) which was culminated in a signing ceremony on 27th July 2018.

He has received the Ministry of Health, Dubai, UAE’s Healthcare Innovator Award in the year 2019.

Partnered with Harvard Medical School for validating our AI-based Tuberculosis detection algorithm which was developed as a project between Archeron Group, the Artificial Intelligence Ministry UAE, and UAE Prime Minister’s Office. Dr. Salmaan A. Keshavjee, MD, Ph.D., ScM, the director of Harvard Medical School’s Center for Global Health Delivery validated the algorithm on-behalf of the UAE Ministry of Artificial Intelligence.

World’s First Artificial Intelligence-powered satellite constellation is to be launched by Archeron Group in Q1-Q2 2021 where we will have capabilities for optical, synthetic aperture radar, hyperspectral and space-based radio frequency sensors along with the data being stored in distributed blockchains in space.

Launching the World’s first fully autonomous AI-Enabled Satellite using ISRO’s PSLV in 2021

Created and implemented the World’s first AI-based Public Health trial under the aegis of UAE PMO for the identification of TB using AI on Chest X-Ray Images.

Archeron Group was instrumental in establishing the Indian Army’s AI Lab in its signals regiment.

Mr. Chakraborty is a member of the Global AI Governing Council under the World Government Summit umbrella.

He has advised Govt of India’s EDB for introducing Hyperloop Technology in India.

He has been a speaker at the prestigious Future Investment Initiative hosted in Riyadh by Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund (PIF) on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare and Banking.

Chosen as a speaker and advisor to the G20 Summit being hosted in Riyadh in 2020 on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and automation of banking processes.

Mr. Chakraborty is also The President of Economic Development Board of India’s premier quasi-governmental trade promotion organization called “Indian International Trade Development Organization” with a mandate to strengthen bilateral trade and foreign direct investments between India and various governments across the world.

He advised multiple governments across the globe on creating their National AI Strategy Roadmap and implementation KPI’s.

Mr. Chakraborty has also advised the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India for green telecom policy implementation.

He advised the Government of India Ministry of Health on how to forge partnerships with UAE and Saudi Arabian Government for the WHO initiative of “Global Digital Health Partnership”.

He has served as one of the youngest faculty members at the age of 23 at Ruhr University, Dusseldorf, Germany teaching two very diverse subjects of Economics and Engineering in English.

At the age of 24, he became one of the youngest financial advisors in Germany and helped a German firm expand internationally. Before starting his own venture, he was also a Director of Operations Asia Pacific Region in a prestigious German Firm.

“CapitaWorld” India’s first AI-enabled Fintech platform for loans and fundraising was co-founded by Mr. Chakraborty a few years back which subsequently was acquired by a consortium of Indian public sector banks.

CapitaWorld using our AI was the only non-banking organization which was awarded a banking innovation award by the Central Bank of India (RBI and IDRBT).

He also has served as a guest and visiting faculty for various premier institutions in India such as CEPT, teaching a wide range of subjects such as Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Economics, Carbon Credit Finance & Smart Cities. He also created and taught the first Smart Cities course in India at CEPT which is a step towards creating a knowledge ecosystem needed to fulfill our Honorable Prime Minister’s Vision of 100 smart cities in India.

Provided advisory on India’s energy security and India’s geopolitical needs in the Gulf Region for stabilizing India’s energy markets to the Honorable Minister of Petroleum Government of India Shri Dharmendra Pradhan.

Provided advisory and multiple solutions and platforms to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) in UAE for the purposes of creating a National AI-based Radiology and Pathology platform. This platform was unveiled by the Ministry in Arab Health 2020 and this is the World’s First National Radiology and Pathology platform.

As our CSR, we also created a solution in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOHAP) for the people of determination by creating an AI platform which uses Machine Learning to translate and interpret sign language.

He has provided advisory and consulting services to oil and natural gas corporation (ONGC) of India for water footprinting of its oil fields (of Godavari basin) and gas fields in Tripura. This was the first water footprinting exercise conducted by an energy company in India.