We have developed one of the most comprehensive Agri analysis platform in the world using Artificial Intelligence. The USP of the platform is that till today agricultural decisions were made on secondary data or at max site visit by a 3rd party. Using our remote sensing-based platform, we are able to map the yield, the productivity of that field not only for the past 20 years but also to predict the next year’s yield and productivity. We have developed a vast array of solutions which include agricultural insurance automation, agriculture loan automation, damage assessment, credit rating automation, irrigation requirement automation, crop classification and identification, soil analysis, fertilizer and pesticide requirement analysis, disease detection and real-time monitoring of a field to name a few.

Our proprietary algorithms which use both remote sensing and various other parameters like water table depth, soil type, weather, soil salinity to derive the optimal use of water, fertilizers, irrigation type, and crop rotation practices for recommending the best possible yield and output.

As shown in the index page, the various solutions we provide in our agricultural platform.

We use three factor quantum based authentication for security in our agricultural finance platform.

Agricultural loan automation using AI on remote sensing data.

Crop classification of multiple crops in a diverse area of interest.

We are able to decipher if a field uses organic fertilizers or not from remote sensing data.

Soil salinity analysis using ground data and remote sensing data.

A suggested optimal drip irrigation layout for that particular field using AI.

Personal credit information of the farmer.

Farm information which is used for credit analysis.

Crop analysis of the farm for credit decision.

Financial analysis of the farmer and the farm for credit decision.

Past performance analysis for credit rating and credit decision.

Credit rating module using 17 paramters.