No Glass Ceilings

We pride in the fact that in our firm we have no glass ceilings or hindrances to personal growth. We encourage our employees to map out a personal growth chart before we place them in their respective departments or practices. We are an equal opportunity employer. Our policies help you redefine your workspace. We offer you not just a place to grow but also a place where you have intellectual freedom.

How to apply

To assist in finding you, we use a combination of interviews and psychometric assessments.
Our recruitment is not based solely on academic achievements. We are seeking to appoint candidates who satisfy a broad range of criteria in terms of their ability to make a positive and on-going contribution to the organization.
Although the precise timeline, number of steps, and evaluation process do vary somewhat according to the position being filled, the standard process for most positions is as follows:
Application: Mail your Resume and Cover letter to with the Job Code in the Subject line. You will need to attach your resume and any other supporting documents required for the job description.

Interviews: The interview process is an opportunity for you to get to know our organization, clarify the opportunities available to you, and explore your technical knowledge. Interviews will take place with a representative from HR, our businesses verticle, or a combination of both. The type of interview does vary across the department s. For example, applicants for the management consulting division will be subjected to case interviews and guess estimation problems.

Assessment: Psychometric assessment is a normal part of the selection process at our firm, providing additional objective, reliable, and relevant information about the likelihood of job success and satisfaction.

Current Openings

Research Analyst Job Code: RA023
Candidates should possess a noteworthy quantitative analytical ability. This position will allow you to gain industry knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries.


  • Assist in developing research and undertaking analysis across a range of products
  • Conduct supplier and industry assessments, identifying and evaluating potential suppliers
  • Stakeholder engagement and scenario analyses
  • Produce data to support product and/or business development
  • Manage proposals, contracts, and relationships with vendors to acquire the appropriate information to be able to develop forecasting models
  • Assist with business plan development
  • Project management of programs for the Business Units, eg.Strategy implementation


Associate Job Code: MC019

The Associate position is for the AI and Analytics Consulting Domain. The selection procedure is based on case interviews, mock cases, guess estimations, and your passion for a quantitative approach to consulting.

Machine Learning & AI Researcher Job code: Res042
We also welcome Ph.D.’s, Postdoctoral researchers, mathematicians & computer scientists to our organization’s elite AI team.


We are currently looking for researchers in the following fields :

Machine Learning Researcher: Job Code: ML012: The predominant work responsibility of the ML researcher is not only application of ML for automating various workflows but also the development of ML algorithms.

Product Manager for our Agri and Fintech Platform: Job code: PMAgri005 & PMFin005: the product managers here are responsible for the whole sub business unit performance

Product Manager for Intelligent software development and Delivery: Job code: PMSoft008: the product managers here are responsible for the whole sub business unit performance including client delivery timelines

Quantum Technology Researcher (Quantum Cryptography, Communication and Computing ): Job code: QC3002: The candidate must have completed a PhD in the quantum technology domain

DevOps Engineer for AWS/Azure/google and Native cloud: Job code DevOps 002: the candidate must be well versed and certified in multiple cloud frameworks including AWS.

Software Developer Java: Job code: SD47: We require full stack developer well versed in Java including javaScript

Software Developer Python : SD48: We require full stack developer well versed in python

Finance Manager: Job Code: FM006: We require the candidates to be a Chartered Accountant well versed in finance operations and accounting along with having the capability to interact with the larger global financial community.

Job Locations

Bangalore: India

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