IMAC / Maritime

Our Proprietary Data Fusion Engine using Machine Learning integrates the following data fields to create a real-time domain awareness model

  • Automated sonar & Hydrophones
  • Autonomous swarm Drones on automated ships
  • Our remote sensing platform integrates satellite feeds from
    • Optical Satellites
    • Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites
    • Hyperspectral Satellites
    • Radio Frequency Surveillance Satellites
  • Threat score creation for approaching ships
  • Chatter via RF
  • Social media analysis
  • Port ERP
  • insurance data
  • Costal radar
  • EW systems
  • Past movement models

Our integrated Maritime Domain Awareness Ecosystem consists of underwater, surface, and aerial asset data analysis.

Civilian Maritime Domain Awareness solutions include various divergent datasets starting from AIS to Radio Frequency and Radio Chatter analysis.