Custom Software Development

Archeron develops intelligent custom software using AI and quantum technologies for the following industries with a singular mission to increase process efficiency, effectiveness and reduce cost. The integration of manual process line for handling the exceptions generated by the AI based data analysis completes the whole process flow.

NBFC Automation & Loan Automation
We have developed over 35 AI algorithms and processes over the past 3 years using which we are able to automate the whole financial institutional process starting from customer acquisition, on boarding to loan decision and loan disbursement along with monitoring and maintaining the loan portfolio using an intelligent LOS and LMS.

Insurance Automation
An amalgamation of AI processes for automating the insurance process from customer due diligence and eKYC and risk quantification by AI based documentation analysis for arriving at an accurate specific premium rather than generic slab based premium approach of today


Digital transformation
In the post corona world the pace of digital transformation of incumbent industries has increased exponentially and we at Archeron are ready with a suite of intelligent AI based solutions for doing a fast turnaround and transformation.

AI platform for BFSI
We have a large suite of AI solutions for the BFSI sector with ready to integrate solutions being delivered in the form of API to our customers.


Ecom and Digital Customer Onboarding and interaction platform including payment gateways
We have over 20 algorithmic applications for the eCommerce platforms along with multiple solutions for the digital platform of various other corporation right from customer acquisition to eKYC to payment processing using Quantum 3 factor authentication.

Healthcare platforms and Telemedicine
Our healthcare solutions are available as either a standalone platform for radiological and pathological diagnosis and second opinion or as an API integration into their existing EMR or web based platform.


Precision Agri platforms
We provide an intelligent agriculture platform with a wide spectrum of solutions using AI on remote sensing and IoT/Ground data.

Energy platforms
We provide an intelligent energy monitoring platform with a wide spectrum of solutions using AI on remote sensing and IOT/Ground data.


Defense and Intelligence
We provide a broad spectrum of solutions for the defense and intelligence community using AI, quantum & remote sensing technologies. These solutions are available in the form of both secure online solutions or offline solutions off the various sections of the defense and intelligence community of India, UAE, KSA, and USA.


Aviation & Airport Ecosystem
We provide a comprehensive digital ecosystem for our airport clients for maximizing revenue using intelligent software. For example, we have modules of emotion quantification for maximizing duty-free sales.

Digital sales & customer onboarding process automation
Our digital sales solutions use multiple AI algorithms for one purpose alone: maximizing sales value be it using emotion quantification or an intelligent recommendation engine.


We provide an intelligent Learning Management System (LMS) for corporations for their hiring and continuous training need with a specialization in AI training.


we create custom E-Sports integrated intelligent platforms for our customers globally.


Remote Sensing Data fusion Platform
With the advent of Cubesats and AI based satellite imagery analysis, it has become possible to use remote sensing for business decisions and analytics. For example, the daily car count of a mall or industrial facility is an indirect indicator of economic activity. We use multiple satellites using optical and SAR sensors to do data fusion prior to AI base analysis and insight generation.

E-Governance solutions Automation
Our AI and quantum solutions for E-Governance workflow automation.

Quantum Cyber Security
We provide cutting edge Quantum Cyber Security using Quantum encryption, Quantum entanglement and Quantum computing applications such as quantum blockchains.