We believe that education is a bi-directional process in which a to and fro between the student and the teacher is essential.

In the first generation of education softwares and platforms this was not possible as these platforms were a one directional information flow/delivery systems.

Today, with the advent of AI and Emotion Quantification, we are able to truly create a bi-directional platform.

Archeron’s education Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform which monitors the students engagement using facial expressions, pulse, voice stress analysis and in some specific cases brain computer interface output.

Using these data points, the AI in Archeron’s LMS is able to decipher the level of engagement of the student and modify the course content dynamically. This means for the first time a sentient system which will be calibarating the course and its content delivery speed as per the capability of the student and hence truly create a unique educational experience best suited for each candidates needs.

We also have various other anciliary features such as auto code correction in the test and training section where the LMS teaches the students the code.

One of our basic features includes facial recognition so that the education modules which are supposed to completed by one person is not completed by someone else.