IQ Gym

We are proud to present the world’s 1st Brain Computer interface and Artificial intelligence integrated “IQ Gym”. The objective of the gym is to provide a holistic 360 degrees mental exercise to all members of the IQ Gym.

We are implementing IQ Gym globally in collaboration with “Holding Space, Abu Dhabi“.

If you look at the visual representation and the schema of the IQ Gym, it has been structured in such a way that one complete use of the Gym would make sure that the user brain components of every part and every lobe is properly utilized starting from visual cortex to cerebellum which controls our motor cortex.

Earlier the quantification of mental capacity increase or decrease wasn’t easy but today with over the counter availability of research based equipment of EEG, we are able to quantify the measure the brain patterns of a subject Pre, During & Post sessions of the activity and hence this provides us with a quantifiable measure of the effectiveness of the exercises done over a period of 3-6 months.

The exercises are designed in such a way to focus on a particular section of the brain for e.g. memory, optical recognition, coordination, motor ability, and various other crucial functions.

We use facial recognition and emotion quantification to analyze the user’s experience with the activity games and adaptively change the activities for better user experience and interaction.

The IQ Gym concept is mainly focused on the overall development of the brain and the activity games and softwares are designed to achieve this efficiently.

We have created our proprietary brain-computer interface hardware and software. Our initial primer for software development was the Open BCI project on which we made considerable improvements including a more ergonomic headset with 16 channels including 2 reference channels.

Our next step is to make the sensors on the scalp wirelessly connected to the compute chip. Our release date for this prototype is 2022.