We at Archeron Group have developed a broad spectrum solution base for use in Defense and Intelligence Ecosystem using cutting edge disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

Listed below are our solutions:

  1. Sentiment Analysis using Natural Language Processing
  2. Fake news detection using AI
  3. Cybersecurity solutions using Machine Learning based offensive and defensive capabilities.
  4. AI onboard satellites to make available battlefield and surveillance analysis from NRT (Near Real-Time Today of Minimum 6-7 hours from satellite pass to data download to image mosaicing and analysis) to RT (our AI onboard satellites can provide analysis within 3 minutes of satellite pass).
  5. Our integrated remote sensing platform provides options to our government users to analysis an area within a stipulated time frame using:
    1. Optical Satellites
    2. Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites
    3. Hyperspectral Satellites
    4. Radio Frequency Analysis Satellites
  6. We provide border change detection solutions using remote sensing and AI
  7. Our algorithms are able to distinguish between legitimate and suspicious financial transactions hence curbing financial terrorism.
  8. Convolutional Neural Networks focused on analysis and classification of hydrophone data
  9. AI-based healthcare triage application for soldiers on the battlefield without specialized medical care.
  10. Video analytics on CCTV feeds to identify people (using facial recognition), guns, and other threats.
  11. AI for Radar data analysis and classification
  12. AI for Sonar data analysis and classification
  13. AI-based language translation for understanding EW intercepts in the battlefield in real-time
  14. Voice fingerprinting using AI-generated audio spectrogram
  15. Brain-computer interface based low latency trigger solutions
  16. Synthetic Aperture Radar-based ship detection
  17. Contactless Emotion Quantification during interrogation
  18. Telecom analytics using AI to identify users even when they are not using their cell phones by creating a contact graph of the user and voice fingerprinting.
  19. Quantum One Time Pad based unbreakable communication
  20. Quantum Key Distribution based wide area network for unbreakable communication
  21. NLP based situation report summarization
  22. Data Fusion Algorithms
  23. Flare identification algorithms
  24. MBTI based profiling
  25. Deep fake identification
  26. Crude inventory and Agricultural output monitoring for geopolitical analysis
  27. Social Media analysis using AI
  28. Daily national sentiment analysis
  29. Satellite-based dead drop centers
  30. Cognitive radios as the next version of current software-defined radios
  31. Autonomous maritime drones using wave energy for monitoring
  32. Mobile command centers with onboard data feed capture and analysis capabilities
  33. Smart Soldier program by integrating various subsystems
    1. Data fusion visual screen with the commander
    2. Data fusion based complete situation awareness visual display at the command
    3. Each soldier to have a visual unit stitched into the fabric for situational awareness and location display of team members for reducing the friendly fire casualties
    4. Exo skeleton for excess weight in hilly terrains
    5. Gps and location sensors using inertial sensors
    6. Pedometer and IMU
    7. Biosensors for body performance
    8. Embedded in the body drug delivery system for adrenaline release to overcome shock caused due to combat – Receiver for the drug release will be stitch into the uniform.
    9. An encrypted radio-based communication system
    10. Compute chip
    11. Bodycam for video with audio
    12. 3-dimensional terrain map using DEM
    13. Quantum encryption over the communication on message typed on the keypad on the forearm
    14. Ew jammer for IED built into radio man rigs
    15. Smart weapon systems like automated sniper rifles
    16. Battery pack by using next-generation batteries like graphene
    17. Night vision passive system
    18. Signal detectors, signal triangulators, and IMSI catcher
    19. Dark web-based communication framework on dedicated cellphones