We, at Archeron Group, have integrated the following technologies in our hearts and our efforts are spent judiciously towards improvising the current state of technology for a seamless customer experience.

1. Quantum Cryptography

2. Quantum Computing

3. Optical, SAR, Hyperspectral imagery analysis

4. AIS & RF based satellite geolocation systems: 

5. AI onboard satellites 

6. Autonomous maritime drones

7. Sensor fusion

8. Artificial Intelligence

9. Blockchain

10. Brain Computer Interface

11. AR

12. IOT

13. Emotion quantification

14. CPU, GPU, TPU, MPU, NPU & Neuromorphic chip based hybrid computing approach

15. Custom intelligent hardware design ( Healthcare – Kiosk and computing systems)

16. Intelligent Robotics, exo skeletons

17. Privacy enabled Computing for Edge – Homomorphic encryption, Javascript based EDGE computing