June 3, 2020

Machine Learning in Genomics

Gene editing: It includes technologies that give scientists the ability to change an organism’s DNA. Out of the many technologies present, many advances in the field of CRISPR-Cas have been made. However, to use CRISPR, researchers need to select the right target sequence first. This process can be challenging as it often involves unpredictable outcomes. However, with the use of ML, we can predict the probability of a particular sequence to hit the target or off-target regions reducing the cost, time and effort of identifying the right target sequence. Two such modelling approaches are already present (
June 3, 2020

Deep Learning in Agriculture

Precision Agriculture (PA) is comprised of near and remote sensing techniques using IoT sensors, Drones, UAVs and Satellites, which help to monitor crop states at multiple growth levels. PA involves the acquisition and processing of a large amount of data related to crop health. Multiple parameters are involved in plants health, including water level, temperature and others. PA enables a farmer to know precisely what parameters are needed for a healthy crop, where these parameters are needed and in what amount at a particular instance of time. This requires collecting massive information from different sources and different parts of the field such as soil nutrients, the presence of pests and weeds, chlorophyll content in plants and some weather conditions. All collected information needs to be analysed to produce agronomic recommendations.
June 3, 2020

Quantum Radar

The working principle of a Quantum Radar (QR) is based on the principle of Quantum Illumination (QI) which in turn has at its heart the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement of continuous variables. Similar to the discrete case, variables having continuum outcomes may as well be entangled. For example, the electric field components of light of different wavenumbers (k) or frequency (ω) may be entangled to one another when there is a possibility of them mutually interacting.
April 12, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) In Agriculture

Agriculture plays a key role in the economic sector. The automation of this industry is a widely discussed matter and the recent introduction of artificial intelligence to aid this process was shown to boost efficiency in many studies conducted. Archeron Group is a thought leader in the space of artificial intelligence and quantum technologies and we are currently striving to bring about a difference in the farming sector by providing farmers with timely information, technology and the right kind of inputs to achieve better yields.